Team Exile

est 1999. Quake, RTCW, Reflex, Heroes of the Storm


[19:29] [01:38] rEno-x1l !scrim blowjob 
[01:38] xil-bot rEno-x1l is looking for a blowjob. Type !yes to accept. 
[01:38] xil-stormz !yes 
[01:38] xil-bot xil-stormz is interested in the game

[03:21] xil-volatile nmap has no penis.
[03:21] nmap i do too
[03:21] nmap i think...
[03:21] xil-volatile nope
[03:21] xil-volatile just a mound
[03:21] nmap damn...
[03:21] nmap your right!
[03:21] * nmap shoots himself

[19:24] *** Joins: lojer ( 
[19:24] * lojer slaps xil-sanctified around a bit with a large trout 
[19:24] * lojer slaps xil-sanctified around a bit with a large midget
[19:24] * lojer puts up a "xil-sanctified likes large midgets" sign 
[19:25] *** Parts: lojer ( 
[19:29] [xil-sanctified] well I never.

[01:10] @xil-sanctified> someone come up with a good idea for a flash intro..
[01:10] @xil-sanctified> well nm, i'll do it.
[01:10] @xil-sanctified> i dont trust you guys
[01:10] @xil-sanctified> "Have a red headed person... ya, a picture of enmity floating around... then have him spit fire and say "Team Exile!!"
[01:10] @xil-sanctified> thats the kinda shit i'd expect
[01:10] @xil-reno> hell yeah
[01:10] @xil-reno> that would fucking own
[01:10] @xil-enmity> ROFL
[01:10] @xil-maloc> haha
[01:10] @xil-enmity> WTF
[01:11] @xil-enmity> WTF
[01:11] @xil-sanctified> omg
[01:11] @xil-sanctified> hahah
[01:11] @xil-sanctified> should i?!
[01:11] @xil-sanctified> hahahah
[01:11] @xil-enmity> NO
[01:11] @xil-enmity> FUCK
[01:11] * @xil-enmity deletes all enmity pictures

Portak Tim (9:45:44 PM): i wish to have anal sex with volatile
reno jma (9:45:50 PM): huh?
Portak Tim (9:46:09 PM): can you hook me up?
reno jma (9:46:28 PM): hrmn i guess you have to IM him
Portak Tim (9:46:40 PM): can i get some oblivion too?
reno jma (9:46:53 PM): hrmn i dunno i hear he's busy
Portak Tim (9:47:09 PM): too busy for some tender anal lovin'

[16:46] n|x> did you find out , how to find a store in canada
[16:46] K9-Moonshine|work> you have to come out of the igloo
[16:46] K9-Moonshine|work> and go to the US
[16:46] K9-Moonshine|work> :>
[16:47] n|x> i wish, but one of the dogs have died , id never make it
[16:47] K9-Moonshine|work> doh
[16:47] K9-Moonshine|work> :(
[16:47] K9-Moonshine|work> you have to wait for next spring then
[16:47] K9-Moonshine|work> when your dogs are in heat and make some babies
[16:47] n|x> its cold her all year long
[16:47] K9-Moonshine|work> then wait for them to grow up
[16:47] K9-Moonshine|work> then you can go
[16:47] xil-reno> sounds so primitive
[16:48] n|x> and i dont know if i have enough seal blubber to make it
[16:48] K9-Moonshine|work> the beauty of canadian life is in it's simplicity, reno

[03:25] ]MD[-Sethr0`gone> How do i connect to qil?
[03:25] Scan-r3v> /quit
[03:25] Showtime^> lol
[03:26] kr-reno> /server qil
[03:26] *** Quits: ]MD[-Sethr0`gone ( ;/
[03:26] Scan-r3v> NEVER
[03:26] Scan-r3v> sorry
[03:26] Scan-r3v> <---
[03:26]  kr-reno > Scan-r3v
[03:26] ** Joins: sTeve_r3v (smiles@
[03:26] Mascot-r3v> it was all reno
[03:26] [god]Excalibur> that was definitely renos
[03:26] Mascot-r3v> sorry scan

[23:27] xil-enmity`hw> do u clean ur balls with rubbing alcohol?
[23:27] xil-reno> no thats gross
[23:27] xil-reno> my god
[23:27] xil-impulse> lol
[23:27] xil-enmity`hw> :(
[23:27] xil-reno> use soap and water
[23:27] xil-reno> like normal people
[23:27] xil-reno> jessu
[23:27] xil-enmity`hw> omg'
[23:27] xil-enmity`hw> what aobut wd40?
[23:27] xil-ar1z> i use rubbing alcohol and a qtip
[23:27] xil-testament> LOL
[23:27] xil-testament> ROFL enmity
[23:27] xil-reno> thats fucking gross enmity
[23:27] xil-reno> jesus
[23:27] xil-reno> how do you stick your dick in rubbing alcohol
[23:27] xil-reno> doesnt it sting
[23:27] xil-enmity`hw> ariz
[23:27] xil-enmity`hw> qtip?
[23:27] xil-ar1z> yes
[23:27] xil-testament> i cut mine up and put salt, then wash with water
[23:27] xil-reno> ROFL
[23:27] xil-reno> omg
[23:27] xil-reno> this is going on the quote page
[23:27] xil-enmity`hw> ariz how do u use that
[23:27] xil-testament> feels pretty good